The sale is the second part of the three step process towards purchasing a home. Although many people would think this is the final phase, it is differentiated from the closing period for a few main reasons. Firstly, this is when you hone in on the home that you want – you are going to evaluate, put in an offer, and win. Since the Toronto real estate market is so hot right now, it is very possible that you will put in multiple offers before you win a home – and that’s ok! Many single family houses are getting multiple offers, which means you may be competing with upwards of 5 other potential buyers. It is important that your Realtor be versed in multiple offer situations, and be able to advise you of the correct strategy to take in order to win the home, whether it be competing on price, conditions, or even putting in a bully offer.

At this stage there are also important contacts that you should be considering, if you haven’t found them already. These would be advice in areas of inspection, financials, and law, in order to protect you to the fullest extent. So click through to the different sections, before moving on to the final step in the home buying process, the close.


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