There are 140 recognized Toronto neighborhoods and over 240 within those, each one like a diverse set of people – they have their own vibe, personality, and characteristics. These can be broken down into location, proximity to the core, restaurants and entertainment, nightlife, school districts, and even coffee politics – are you more of a Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or Independents kind of person? Do you have children? Do you want to be on the subway line, or are you looking for ample parking? These characteristics will fit into various desired lifestyles, and all should be considered when looking for your dream home.



Looking for data? Toronto Life has created an interactive map of Toronto neighborhoods which allows you to search based on different attributes. The breakdown is as follows: housing affordability (appreciation, and quality), crime, transit, shopping, health (cancer screenings and health care providers per capita, air pollution, and green space), entertainment, community, diversity, schools, and employment. You can change the way the rankings show based on which attributes are important to you – looking for lots of nightlife? Increase the importance on entertainment. Enjoy taking your dog to the park? Make health and green space a higher priority on your list. You can check out this great tool here.   


Toronto Life Map


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