And for the final step in the home buying process, we have the deal closing. The deal closing date is what was agreed upon by the buyer and seller in the agreement of purchase and sale, and marks the time where the property exchanges hands and the buyer takes over ownership. Although this is the final step, your Realtor should be there to offer support even after the deal is completed.


Closing day is going to be very busy for everyone involved in the transaction: the seller is going to move out, the lawyers are going to exchange keys to provide you with the set to enter your new home, in addition to all of the behind the scenes activities like the transfer of funds to the seller, and the registration of the charge/mortgage on the land. That being said, the closing date must occur on a regular business day – generally referred to as any Monday – Friday date, excluding holidays. This means weekends are out of bounds, as the behind the scenes activities cannot take place unless the land registry offices are open.



Unfortunately, some details can go awry – and you want to ensure you have continued support in your corner throughout the process, which is why I always recommend a visit to the home the day before closing. As a buyer, you want to ensure your home is in the same condition as it was when you originally purchased it, which is done with the final visit. In the final visit, your Realtor should take you through the home and complete a final visual inspection of everything from walls and floors, to the state of the grounds. You also want to ensure all chattles are in good working order, as the wording in the agreement of purchase and sale indicates that they only need to be working up until closing. This means that if you realize, for instance, the stove is not working a week after moving in, it will be an uphill battle to get this corrected. If you complete the final visit the day before, you have time to notify your lawyer of any deficiencies, and they can withhold funds to either get this fixed, or until the seller fixes it themselves. Other items you will want to check are: water pressure, ensuring no damage has been done by the seller to the property, that all chattles that should be remaining are still in place, that no fixtures have been removed, and that generally everything is in the same condition as it was when the APS was signed.

Your first home purchase is an extremely exciting time in your life, and that’s why I would implore you to choose a Realtor who will support you, even through the nitty gritty. After the deal closes, it is important for your agent to be available to you to help you work through any of the above details I mentioned to ensure the path to attaining your dream home is as smooth as possible.


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