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Who I Am

A real estate sales representative with a keen eye for trends and analytics, and a passion for this industry. I’m a former corporate operative with a B.Comm in business management, and a background in category management and marketing for some of Canada’s largest brands.

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What I Do

I work in Residential Real Estate Sales for a forward thinking brokerage in the GTA and Toronto area. I always put my focus on educating the consumer so they can make the right decision on a home, at the right time, and place in their lives. I also write this awesome blog, and hang out with my two dogs.

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Why I Do It

I do it because I want to support my clients to make better real estate decisions, to find their dream home, and to be fully confident in their purchase. I also do it because I dislike the way the traditional real estate industry operates – it’s full of information asymmetry, and that creates an inability for negotiations to be completed fairly… But I’ll get into that later.

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